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Bow Meow grooming school was established in 2008,
We have been teaching in a classroom environment and now would like to expand our teaching experience to allow students to study for your new grooming career at home.

—[Mission Statement]—

Bow Meow Pet Grooming School is dedicated to promoting the type of quality education students will need to enable them to make a smooth transition between grooming in a school environment and grooming as a  professional. Each student, after completing this course will have a comprehensive knowledge of the skills necessary to work in an established grooming business, grooming for wages, or operating their own shop.

You had already taken the most important step toward success. Getting started takes only a few simple steps. First… Let’s look at what you received
in your first package:

Student Handbook
Special information about Bow Meow Online.

Program Outline
Detailed information about the courses you will take.

Hard Copy of Learning Book
A physical book that will aid you during your studies. You will need to purchase extra materials such as a grooming kit, which is not included in your course fees.

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